Let the games begin!

On the 20th of July, the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup kicked off in Australia and New Zealand. InFlow Media is delivering enhanced sports data for our customers to present premium sports rights such as these the way they deserve to be presented.

We enable a significantly improved user experience with a much richer UI and enhance the search and recommendation features through carefully selected keywords.

We enhance sports data by:
● Generating event-specific artwork with team logos and league emblem graphical overlays
● Delivering curated, event-specific and relevant keywords to improve content discovery
● Streamlining event titles into one consistent and uniform format
● Generating rich and gamified synopses with embedded and up-to-date relevant statistics

So, when watching the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup with some of our Nordic customers this summer, you will experience this enhanced and unique viewer experience.

InFlow Media wishes you a great championship and a fantastic summer!